RSQ Sealed SRL




World’s first dual-mode
self-retracting lifeline
fall arrest and rescue.
Dual-mode design provides both fall arrest with assisted rescue
capabilities and automatic self rescue for ultimate versatility.
• Built-in Rescue Device becomes an integral part of a Rescue Plan
• Standard fall arrest mode
• Automatic rescue mode
• Remote/Assisted activation.

Choose your mode.
Fall Arrest Mode/Assisted Rescue
A speed sensing brake stops the fall, reduces forces
imposed on the user to safe levels of 6 kN or less
and allows for assisted rescue to take place.

Automatic Rescue Mode/Self Rescue Descent
A speed sensing brake slows the fall, then instantly
a centrifugal brake activates, lowering the user
at a controlled speed to the next level or ground

3M-DBI-SALA-Sealed-Blok-Brochure_EN_v1 (1)