Heightec CYCLONE locking pulley alloy





Heavy-duty hauling pulley with locking cam
• 50mm, low friction integrated pulley wheel
• Unique ‘X CamTM’ locking mechanism
• Lightweight alloy construction
• 100kg Working load
Specifically designed for technicians to aid hauling of equipment and
X-cam has a more advanced tooth design than traditional cams and is
more suitable for industrial applications as it does not pluck the rope, so
reducing rate of rope wear.
• Does not jam, even against knots
• Provides high degree of grip on ropes of varying condition including
after rupture of the sheath
NB: Not certified for lifting persons.
P20 – Stainless steel version available for increased corrosion resistance.
The Cyclone is available as part of the Basic lifting kit. The kit includes all
the components required to lift small loads.