blocfor™ 1.8A EVO ESD 150KG


blocfor 1.8A EVO ESD 150KG



Fall arrest device with ESD technology, suitable for use on terrace roofs. 1.8 meter webbing. High Capacity Range 150 kg. Complies with CNB/P/11.062.

  • Complies with EN 360 and CNB/P/11.060 standards for use on edges with a minimal 0.5 mm curve radius
  • Can be used vertically or with a standard deviation of 20° in relation to vertical
  • Can be used horizontally without the use of a lanyard between the end of the strap and harness
  • Can be used in FACTOR 2
  • Flexible unwinding system which doesn’t jerk during operator movement
  • Responsive system which locks automatically in the event of a fall, reducing the total drop height
  • Includes Energy System Dissipater (ESD) technology which enables the device to arrest a fall even when the webbing is fully unwound
  • Integrated fall indicator
  • Length 1.8 metres, webbing version
  • Lightweight
  • ABS fibre reinforced polyamide housing
  • Standard M47 swivel connector at end of shock absorber

Data sheets

TS_B1.8A ESD 150 KG 53 47

TS_B1.8A ESD 150 KG 51 47

TS_B1.8A ESD 150 KG 23 47

TS_B1.8A ESD 150 KG 10 47


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84062, 84072, 84082