3M™ DBI-SALA® Mobi-Lok™


3M™ DBI-SALA® Mobi-Lok™ Aviation Vacuum anchor with bottle attachment 2200126

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The DBI-SALA® Mobi-Lok™ Vacuum Anchor System provides a tie-off point on virtually any smooth, non-porous surface simply by flipping a switch and waiting for the dial to move into the green zone.


• Fall arrest tested and approved meeting EN 795 Class B. The large footprint ensures anchor pad capacity greatly exceeds maximum arresting force.

• Lightweight design under 10kg for easy transport

• Can be installed on any surface, curved and of small diameter (min 182mm) and in any orientation. More versatility such as using overhead and on smaller aircraft.

• Version available with built-in air bottle. Faster to install as pads can be attached separately. Less equipment needs to be used and monitored. For use in situations where there is no access to shop air.

• Fail-safe back-up systems with audio alarms and vacuum level indicator. Audio alarm sounds if source of compressed air is lost or if vacuum level drops below an acceptable level.

• Alarm by-pass button for use during installation. The user does not have to endure and protect against high pitch alarms and anyone hearing the alarm instantly knows it is an issue and not an installation alarm.

• Can be used with synthetic horizontal lifeline systems. For added mobility with no risk of damage to the aircraft from the lifeline. Two and four person versions available.

• Mobi-Lok™ anchor pads utilise check valves. Maintains the vacuum if the source of compressed air is lost.

• Mobi-Lok™ anchor pads have 3 inner sealing edges. Prevents vacuum leakage.

• ATEX electrical and non electrical certification. For use in potentially explosive atmospheres.





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